Want to burn fat, lose weight, and look GREAT fast? WalkTC

Hi and welcome to our new site! This is the place to learn everything you need to know about TC, WalkTC models of TreadClimber machines from Bowflex — including how you can burn up to 3.5 times the calories of a treadmill or elliptical machine! You will also learn the WalkTC price of the three different treadclimber models!

These unique exercise machines provide one of the best workouts you can possibly get at home. They’re designed to quickly and efficiently help you burn calories, lose body fat, improve your fitness levels, and get a better-looking body within just a few short weeks!

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Woman exercising on a TreadClimber WalkTC workout machine

The new WalkTC TreadClimbers are the best versions yet and on this site you’ll find everything related to them, including:

– Where to find the best deals, discounts, and coupons
– Buying guides and shopping tips
– Real customer/user reviews
– Workout / fat burning tips
– Up-to-date news, press releases, and other useful info
– Much more!

If you’ve seen the new commercials from Bowflex/Nautilus you already have a good idea of just how effective these “3-in-1” workout machines can be. They allow you to literally walk your way to fat loss, better fitness, and a fitter, sexier looking body in a very short amount of time. Our goal is to help you decide if a TreadClimber is right for you and your weight loss/fitness goals. The walktc.com line from Bowflex really help you achieve maximum results in the shortest possible time.

If you have any questions or comments please be sure to leave them in the feedback areas here on the site. Also, if you’re a TreadClimber owner or user please take a moment to leave you own reviews and opinions. We also accept Canadian orders thanks to walktc.ca Thanks and enjoy the site! :)


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  1. alfredo montero #

    What’s the price on 3 in1 Can’t find it

    • rochelle stuart #

      Hi, what is the price of the 3 in 1 tc

  2. Skb #

    Info on walk tc please.

  3. Shari Harris #

    I would like more info on cost and any financing if available. Thanks.

  4. michael dyck #

    I’d like to know retail price for the TreadClimber and how to order. I’m in Manitoba

  5. mary #

    How much is the Walk TC?

  6. Tara #

    I would like some more information. And how much is it? Thanks you!

  7. Laura.Martinez #

    What is the price ? & is there any easy payments . How can you get discounts on it ?

  8. Please provide information regarding cost, size of machine, is there a trial period? Thank you.

  9. i Want soooo badd

  10. Please send price and other info on product.

  11. Tatika Coble #

    I would like info please. Thanks!

  12. Thomas Trudeau #

    Information on walktc

  13. gene #

    Do you do payments? how much roughly a month. and do you deliver.

  14. Please send free infor for bowflex ..

  15. Marlene Manuel #

    Wanting I info price and special financing please

  16. Ahmad Noval #

    I’m interested in buying but would like to know the average walktc price before.

  17. donna #

    How much?

  18. Mark #


    My wife and I are curios as to the price for the walk tread climber?

  19. Cost please of treadmill

  20. Irene Telford #

    please send me the information on your walk tc. Please tell me if you have financing.

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